This is a high tech game designed to teach students about the life cycle of butterflies.
These are some of the pictures that I modeled the game on.
In Level 1, players are given a butterfly egg to protect. They must swipe away predators that can harm the butterfly egg. The progress bar on the top right lets players know when they are done. At the end, their egg hatches to revel a caterpillar.
At the Larva Stage, players must retrieve leaves for their caterpillar to consume. The players get more points for greener leaves and no points for yellow leaves. Each time the player makes a mistake a popup window reminds them what they must do.
Depending on the butterfly species, caterpillars may look different. On the top left part players are given progress updates from other players.
The Chrysalis stage has players protect their cocoon similarly to level 1.
In the final level, players must help their butterfly escape their cocoon and in the process they find out what butterfly species they earned.
The ultimate goal of the game is for players to collect all butterfly species. In the My Collection section players can see what they have collected so far.
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